After leaving university, I still had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, frustrated that I was still unable to execute the finely crafted works I admired and envisioned. Inspired by a trip to Nepal, where I witnessed monks and nomads devote their entire lives to a single task, I too, began to focus my full attention on my one passion in life, art, whilst making the tough decision to relinquish everything I had.
As a result, I was taken on a journey, travelling Italy, France, Belgium and the USA, in search of the best education and most skilled masters alive today. An ability for sustained focus and attention helped me work my way through an intensive four-year academic training program in less than two years. As a recognized talent, I was subsequently invited for a further two years apprenticeship in various countries under some of today’s most knowledgeable, skilled and well renowned academic masters.
On completion of my apprenticeship, I moved to the USA where I was able to teach and collaberate with other artists, whilst working on various exhibitions. I now live in Edinburgh, where I continue to build on the knowledge I have gained. My current works include international commissions as well as unique works in a style that encompasses all my worldly experiences. I continue to try and push boundaries with my art whilst passing on the fundamentals of academic training to a new generation.

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