Sargent & Zorn 

Portrait Painting Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Zen O'Conor        

DATES: 12 - 16th October 2015


Anders Zorn and John Singer Sargent were undeniably two of the most well accomplished, knowledgable and prolific portrait painters of their time. 



But what is it that set them apart from others?


In this course, you will learn the secrets of their success, with an understanding of the techniques they used to create such beautiful works. You will be taught the structure of the human head and the principals of idealistic proportion. This will allow you to produce more realistic and convincing representations both from life, and from your imagination.


You will begin by learning the basic planes and forms that build the structure of a human head, so as to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.


From there you will move on to studying a copy of one of their works, whilst applying the knowledge you have gained. You will confidently create an expressive portrait with a solid emphasis on anatomy and structure. 



You will also be given the chance to practice with Zorn’s limited 3 colour palette, and will learn how to achieve the most from your pigments. Alongside this, you will learn colour theory and how it applies to the portrait. 

All students will receive a planar model to use for reference in class. This tool will help facilitate a clear understanding of the structure of the head, and will be an essential lifetime companion for portraiture work.


Early reservations are recommended, as student numbers are limited to ensure that each student receives a high degree of individual attention.


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